Erik Erikson

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Erik Erikson
  1. Influence by Freud
    1. Disagreed with Psychosexual theory
      1. Proposed Psychosocial theory
      2. More positive than Freud
      3. 1902-1994
        1. Psychosocial Theory
          1. "The Eight Ages of Man"
            1. Personality developed through 8 psychosocial stages
              1. Each stage has a conflict between the 'self' and others
                1. Positive or negative outcomes
              2. STAGES
                1. Stage 1. Trust v Mistrust (0-1)
                  1. Stage 2. Autonomy v Shame & Doubt (1-2)
                    1. Stage 3. Initiative v Guilt (3-5)
                      1. Stage 4. Industry v Inferiority (6-12)
                        1. Stage 5. Identity v Role Confusion (12-20)
                          1. Stage 6. Intimacy v Isolation (20-40)
                            1. Stage 7. Generativity v Stagnation (40-65)
                              1. Stage 8. Integrity v Despair (65+)
                              2. Social & Emotional Theorist
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