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Mind Map on Group 7, created by Rizky Novrianto on 09/12/2013.

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Rizky Novrianto
Created by Rizky Novrianto about 6 years ago
Edexcel (9-1) Topic 6
https:// revisechemistry.uk
2.2 G2 and G7
Lauren Cullinan
Chapter 10 - Group 7(17), The Halogens
Naomi Moylan-Torke
C2: Material Choices Test
James McConnell
1PR101 2.test - Část 12.
Nikola Truong
The Periodic Table
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
Ebony Scarlet
Atoms and The Periodic Table
Aimee Ingram
Applications of Chlorine
Eleanor H
C3- Groups
Lily O'Brien
Group 7
1 David Koh (A0078624)
2 Vicky Qin (A0109520)
3 Yisi Chen (A0109463)
4 Mallika Sridhar (A0110141)
5 Rizky Novrianto (A0109584)

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