'In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products?


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'In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products?
  1. In what ways does it use forms and conventions?
    1. One of the ways in which I conformed to conventions of music/pop promo videos is through the use of shot sizes, for example using close ups on the lips typical of pop promo videos as can be compared in both my media product and a real one as demonstrated below (the screen shot on the right comes from the music video 'Yonce')
      1. The length of the music/pop promo video also keeps to the typical conventions of real media products, for examples the video is 2 minutes and 24 seconds in length. This is a typical length of time as real media products can last between 2-5 minutes.
        1. Another way in which I have conformed to real media products is through the means of editing techniques. For example I have used short clips to form a quick and upbeat pace, typical of pop promo music videos.
          1. The ancillary task in producing a poster conforms to conventions in multiple ways. Such as using the logos of social networking sites to further promote the band through online social networking sites.
            1. Further conventional methods used include that of the placing of a music record label onto the poster
              1. Other typical conventions used included the placing of a release date in the poster.
        2. In what ways does it develop forms and conventions?
          1. Most notably I believe the use of text throughout the pop promo/ music video is my most notable development against forms and conventions, although recently released real media products have begun to use text at the start as a convention in pop promos, mine however is featured throughout the video and as audience responses show this was good at it made the piece much more clearer and engaged the audience with more interest rather than be subjected to long pieces of footage, suggesting the audience want a variety within texts.
            1. Further on examples in which I have challenged conventions can be further seen in the 'typography' used in the 'poster' ancillary task. For example I have included both roman numerals and a hard line across the bands name. I took the conventional aspects of a title, for example it must be eye catching. I did this by the colour of the text being a bold black against a bold white background. which made the title stand out. The font is a clear font easy for the viewer to interpret. In order to develop this convention I used typically recognised type tools such as the left and right dash symbol. This created the idea of a crown around the bands name. Whilst it could be argued this was a creative development along with use of roman numerals for the release date and the hard line going through the band name supports this. It could also be argued it makes the title and release date harder to interpret and somewhat confusing.
              1. The 'self titling' of the album is arguably a challenging factor to the conventions of a pop album. We decided it was best to title the album as the bands name as this would be the bands first album and this would support audiences ability to easily recognise the new band amongst the rivalry in the existing industry.
              2. A further development could be seen in the variety of effects used, for example, rather than using one black and white effect (such as 'Drunk in Love' features) I have chosen to use a variety of these particular effects. As compared below.
              3. In what ways does it challenge forms and conventions?
                1. conventionally women are sexualised in pop promo/music videos, this was not the case in my music/pop promo video. The video clear presents a non sexulised female taking off the pure white mask which represents the audiences ability to objectify and not connect with the female and places this on the man to present a form of liberation against typical pop promo/music video representations of females. This was the most obvious convention being challenged.
                  1. Further evidence of this can be found in our 'Digipak' front cover, in which the audience is drawn into focusing on the face of the female and not the body. We used the 'rule of thirds' theory in order to encourage the audiences eye to focus in on the females face. Further on the female band member is wearing a baggy bomber style jacket with her back to the camera/ This therefore rejects typical conventions of media products as suggested by theorist Laura Mulvey in which women are conventionally objectified through the eyes of a heterosexual male
                  2. I also believe my featuring of still images within the pop promo/ music video is a clear challenging to the typical forms and conventions of real media products. The audience found these images appropriate however as it made the meaning of the text clearer and gave the message a relatable effect and therefore made the impact intended on the audience much more . Therefore I would consider this a positive challenging of forms and conventions.
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