American Horror

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American Horror
  1. The Black Cat
    1. A man and his wife loved animals and had a lot of pets
      1. The man was kind and gentle, but soon became a victim of alcohol and started behaving in a moody and irritable way.
        1. His favorite pet was a cat, which he hung up becuse he became furious with him.
          1. That same night was a fire that ended with his house, wealth and hope. The next morning he found out that on the last wall of the house was the "mark" of his hunged up cat.
            1. He adopted a new black cat that was similar to Pluto.
              1. Down the cellar the man gets mad at the cat and tries to stab him. But then he kills his wife.
                1. He hid her body inside the wall and closed it. He stoped seeing the cat. When he opened it in front of a policemen, the cat was inside, alive.
    2. A non believer m,an was trapped by the Inquisition inside a torture room. It was dark.
      1. The Spaniards strated feedin him.
        1. He discovered a pit in the middle of the room
          1. When he woke up, he was attached to a wooden platform by a belt.
            1. He saw a pendulum hanging over him moving back and forth, and slowly going down.
              1. Rats came out the pit while he was watching the pendulum going down.
                1. He scaped making the rats eat the belt.
                  1. After being nearly murdered, a french general rescued him.
      2. The Case of M. Valdemar.
        1. They said it was impossible to mesmerize a dying person.
          1. Valdemar, who was dying because uf tuberculosis, wanted to make the experiment.
            1. After several hours, Valdemar was mesmerized
              1. He kept saying that he was dying. His face became white and his tongue black. They realized mesmerism had blocked death.
                1. Seven months after, it waas difficult to wake him up.
                  1. Valdemar didn't want them to awake him, because he was dying. Then he broke into pieces and became a dark liquid.
                    1. The narrator could prove his theories.
        2. A sick man and his partner found an abondoned castle in Apennine Mountains in Italy
          1. They saw old and modern paintings in the wall
            1. The narrator found an oval portrait of a beautiful girl in a dark niche.
              1. It looked like a living person. So he read the story of this painting.
                1. The charming girl married a painter, who was obsessed with the art. This girl hated the "Art" that kept his husband away.
                  1. She agreed to pose for a painting, because she was obedient.
                    1. She posed in a cold, unhealthy room.
                      1. While her husband was painting, she started to get ill.
                        1. He worked day and night, while she was getting weaker.
                          1. He was in his own dream world.
                            1. He didn't noticed that his wife was loosing her life.
                              1. When he was done, his wife was already dead.
            2. The Oval Portrait.
            3. The tell-tale heart
              1. A man who works for an old man decides to kill him due to his evil eye.
                1. Every night he puts his head in the room and put a lantern inside very carefully.
                  1. His eye was always closed, so he couldn't see it.
                    1. He lighted with his lantern for seven nights, but it never worked.
                      1. He was very friendly to him, so no one would suspect.
                        1. One night the old man heard a noise and woke up.
                          1. After several minutes he opened a little bit the lantern. The eye was opne.
                            1. Finally he entered the room and murdered the old man.
                              1. HeSomeone called the police because they had heard a scream. So the man had hidden the body carefully.
                                1. They started a conversation, but the man heard the heart's beat.
                                  1. He got crazy and confesed the crime.
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