Flag by John Agard - Keyword/phrases Annotations

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Flag by John Agard - Keyword/phrases Annotations
1 'nation to its knees.'
1.1 People worship the flag like they worship there religion.
1.1.1 The flag is equal to religion.
1.2 when soldiers die they might fall to knees.
1.2.1 The flag is causing death.
2 'bold'
2.1 Soldiers need to be strong, bold and fierce to fight for their country.
2.2 Flags are often made up of bright bold colours.
2.2.1 Flags are eye catching.
3 'relent'
3.1 Surrender.
3.1.1 suggest that people think that soldiers should not surrender when they are fighting for their county and their flag.
4 'outlive the blood you bleed.'
4.1 Even though the soldiers are fighting for the flag they and everyone else will die before the flag.
4.2 The flag will be here forever but the people that belong to the flag won't.
4.2.1 The flag is superior to everyone else. The flag is like a dictator. Links to Hawk Roosting by Ted Hughes.
5 'my friend.'
5.1 Sarcasim.
5.1.1 The persona thinks that the flag is silly and is therefore being sarcastic about it.
6 'Then blind your conscience to the end.'
6.1 The persona sees the flag as pointless.
6.2 If you don't sacrifice you life for your country and flag then your guilty conscience will be there forever.
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