Their Story

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Story exploration

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Their Story
1 Connection
1.1 What could be connecting and not connecting?
1.1.1 Why did they call/chat? What are the variables or tiers of connection?
2 Exploration / Risk
2.1 Expansion of their story and providing structure
2.1.1 What is our role in expanding their story? What structure could be needed?
2.2 What could be connecting and not connecting?
3 Exploring Coping
3.1 Why did they call and what is their need?
3.1.1 Has there been a shift in the story? How do we connect their needs and themes to explore specific coping?
4 Closure
4.1 What are your expectations for closure?
4.1.1 Where is the caller in telling their story?
5 What are some themes of their story?
5.1 What might their needs be?
5.1.1 What is your role in their story?
6 Parking Space
6.1 What are some questions you might have about their story?
6.1.1 What shifts have happened if any? Safety? Child Abuse? Themes? Coping? etc
6.1.2 When do you pull items out of the parking space and into the call/chat?
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