Verb To Be

Julie Basto
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Julie Basto
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This is a mindmap with examples of the many uses of verb To Be for esl students.

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Verb To Be
  1. Used for
    1. Describe
      1. Something
        1. The weather is nice
        2. Someone
          1. She is tall and thin
        3. Names
          1. I am Katherine
          2. Age
            1. Eileen is seven years old
            2. Feelings
              1. He is hungry
              2. Nationalities
                1. I am Colombian
                2. Jobs and Professions
                  1. Maria is a nurse
                  2. Qualities or states
                    1. He is very rich
                      1. The food is very good in Mexico
                      2. Relationships
                        1. They are my best friends
                        2. Place or Location
                          1. My house is in Silvania
                          2. The time
                            1. It is 8:30 a.m
                            2. Actions happening in the present
                              1. We are studying English
                            3. Main verb
                              1. Auxiliary verb
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