Creation Myths Resource

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A series of resources for our Creation Myths unit

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Creation Myths Resource
  1. Death Creates the World
    1. Origin: Kono People of Guinea
      1. Creator - Death, Alatangana
        1. ex nihilo
        2. First Things
          1. Creator - Ra
            1. humans from tears
            2. ex nihilo
              1. Egypt
              2. The Sweat of His Brow
                1. Serbia
                  1. God is creator - patriarchal culture with one man in charge puts a lot of solo pressure on him
                    1. Ex Nihilo
                  2. Rainbow Crow
                    1. Lenape People
                      1. ex nihilo
                        1. an origin of fire story
                        2. Kitanotowit
                        3. The Five Suns
                          1. Aztec
                            1. Creation from chaos
                              1. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca
                                1. Cipactli - the evil thing destroyed to make the world
                                  1. humans give blood b/c the gods bled to make the world
                                2. Out of the Ice
                                  1. Norse
                                    1. creation from chaos
                                      1. humans made from logs
                                      2. Odin, Ymir, Audhumla the cow
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