The Creation of The World

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This powerpoint summarizes how God has an organization to His creation and the purpose for this arrangement which fulfills the Divine Plan.

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The Trinity's Good Creation

According to the book of Genesis, creation is arranged in two sets of three days. In the first three days, God created the forms of the world: Day & Night, Sky & Sea, Land & Vegetation In the second set of three days, God created the inhabitants that would fill these forms: Sun & Moon, Birds & Fish, Animals & Man.God gave man the authority to be responsible caretakers of the portion of the earth given to man to subdue. He also empowered man with a mission to "fill the earth, and subdue it."From this perspective, man is the summit of all visible creation and human beings are to act as God's steward (i.e. caretaker) when exercising their dominion over the world.

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