Computing Revision

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Computing Revision
1 Software
1.1 Operating systems
1.1.1 Booting booting is the process of starting the computer operating system starts the computer to work to check if the computer is ready to work
1.1.2 Peripheral management
1.1.3 Managing the memory
2 Bus Network
2.1 How it works
2.1.1 It works by sending a signal down the main cable then give the signal to the device that needs it
2.2 Advantages
2.2.1 If one of the cables break it will not effect the processing.
2.3 Disadvantages
2.3.1 If the central cable bus breaks then the whole system would fail or break
2.4 You can take out any of the nodes and put in any node but if the whole server breaks then all the nodes fail.
3 Star Network
3.1 You can take out any of the nodes from the server but if the switch, hub or router breaks then you can replace them but it is expensive
4 Ring Network
4.1 You cant take out any of the nodes from the network and if one of the nodes break then the whole network would break and stop working
5 Software types
5.1 Open and Off the shelf software
5.1.1 Off the shelf An off the shelf software is commercially available to anyone to buy and use.
5.1.2 Open An open Software allows users to view and modify the source code.
5.2 Custom written software
5.2.1 Custom written software is made specific for the client’s needs.
5.3 Proprietary software
5.3.1 Proprietary software cannot be copied or altered without permission of the copyright owner.
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