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  1. is a
    1. It is a plan of operations and resources of a company, which is formulated to achieve the proposed objectives in a certain period and is expressed in monetary terms
    2. Income budgets
      1. its purpose
        1. It is usually the calculation of the money needed to launch a project, specify an action, meet goals, etc.
          1. income earning strategies
            1. Promised donations
              1. Probable donations
                1. Possible donations
                  1. Income generated from sales
                    1. Income generated from services
                      1. Subscriptions and Membership fees
                        1. Special events
                          1. Investments
                            1. Investments
                      2. Operating budget
                        1. IT IS
                          1. When a company needs to know the concepts that integrate the results of the operation. since these are related to those that make up the financial budget
                        2. Master budget
                          1. is defined as
                            1. The main budget of any company since it is the combination of a whole planning process and covers all areas of a company
                          2. budget importance
                            1. The budget is an essential management tool. Without a budget
                              1. The budget tells you how much money you need to carry out your activities.
                                1. The budget forces him to be rigorous when thinking about the implications of his activity.
                                  1. The budget tells you when you will need certain amounts of money to carry out your activities.
                                    1. The budget allows you to control your income and expenses and identify any problems.
                                      1. The budget is a basis for financial responsibility and transparency.
                                      2. Who makes the budget
                                        1. should
                                          1. Understand the values, strategy and plans of the organization or project.
                                            1. Understand what it means to be profitable
                                              1. Understand what it means to generate and raise funds.
                                                1. competent to assume full responsibility for the financial side of the organization or project.
                                              2. involved in the budgeting process
                                                1. The Finance Manager and / or Accountant;
                                                  1. The Project Manager and / or Director of the organization or department.
                                                  2. planning cycle
                                                    1. 1. Review what you have done in the past, in terms of impact, effectiveness and efficiency.
                                                      1. 2. Review and clarify your vision, mission, strategy and objectives.
                                                        1. 3. Prepare your operational plans.
                                                          1. 4. implement plans, monitor impact and income and expenditure – adjust where necessary.
                                                            1. 5. Draw up a budget to cover the work. Discuss, amend and finalise the budget.
                                                              1. 6- Assess the resources you will need to meet the needs of the plan – estimate costs.
                                                              2. BUDGETING RULES
                                                                1. inflation is taken into account
                                                                  1. Contributions in kind (not money, but goods) should be included
                                                                    1. the contribution made by volunteers in the form of sweat equity
                                                                      1. Some costs that need to be estimated but that often get forgotten:
                                                                        1. Start-up costs
                                                                          1. for a new organisation or project, such as large-scale recruitment, moving in, building alterations, launching the project or organisation.
                                                                          2. Research and development
                                                                            1. consultation, needs assessment, planning processes.
                                                                            2. Democracy and governance
                                                                              1. establishing the structures, recruiting for them, getting a constitution developed and accepted, training members of voluntary structures.
                                                                              2. Marketing or public relations
                                                                                1. building a professional image. o Replacement of capital goods.
                                                                                2. Replacement of capital goods.
                                                                                  1. Monitoring and evaluation costs for projects
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