Benefits of Using Online Mind Maps for E-Learning

Andrea Leyden
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Are you interested in improving your eLearning? These 5 techniques will help you leverage the power of Mind Maps and encourage you to utilize online Mind Maps in particular. Follow these tips to transform your eLearning using online Mind Maps.

Andrea Leyden
Created by Andrea Leyden about 6 years ago
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Benefits of Using Online Mind Maps for E-Learning
1 Planning
1.1 Plan your curriculum
1.2 Break down a subject
1.3 Map out an essay or exam answer
2 Collaboration
2.1 Share ideas, notes & work
2.2 Produce valuable information
2.3 Creates synergy
3 Participation
3.1 Facilitate discussion
3.2 Brainstorming tool
3.3 Unlocks creativity
4 Exam preparation
4.1 Connect the dots
4.1.1 Give deeper meaning Contribute to exam success
5 Flipping the classroom
5.1 Learn lessons before class
5.1.1 Enrich the learning process Reinforce learning

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