Human Migration/ The Brain Drain

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this is a chart about human migration, its reasons, implications and measures that could be taken to offset it.

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Human Migration/ The Brain Drain
  1. Implications
    1. skill shortages
      1. slow economic growth
      2. investment in education is futile
          1. the money that taxpayers spend on educating generations is wasted as graduates do not stay in their countries to pay back their debts towards these countries, but rather emigrate
          2. inadequate scientific research and innovations
          3. Measures that should be taken
            1. to offset the incentives that push people to emigrate
              1. better salaries for skilled workers
                1. more opportunities for young people and graduates
                  1. less red tape/bureaucracy
                    1. investment in scientific research
                      1. recognition, reward of talented, skilled people
                    2. Reasons
                      1. political and religious persecution
                        1. emigrate as refugees
                        2. job opportunities
                          1. better standards of living
                            1. better salaries
                              1. wars
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