SAB4#86 Quality Tools & Techniques

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SAB4#86 Quality Tools & Techniques
1 Seven basic quality tools. The main methods used for measuring quality across the project
2 Cost of quality
2.1 Is WHAT is adding in cost relating with prevention and inspection activities (not testing). It includes any time spent with writing standards, reviewing documents, analyzing causes of defects, etc
3 Cost-benefit analysis
3.1 How much the quality activities will cost VS how much the project will gain from doing them
4 Benchmarking
4.1 Means using the results of Plan Quality on other projects to set goals for your own. Comparing defects for exemple.
5 Design of experiments
5.1 It's a scientific method. It's a statistical method, which means use statistics to analyze the results of the experiments
6 Statistical sampling
6.1 Looking at a representative sample of something to make decisions
7 Meetings
8 Quality Audits
8.1 Are when your company reviews your project to see if you are following its processes. The point is to figure out if there are ways to help you be more effective.
9 Process Audits
9.1 Means following your Process Improvement Plan to compare your project's process data.
10 Additional quality planning tools
10.1 Brainstorming
10.2 Affinity diagrams
10.3 Force field analysis


  • Is how engineers analyze structures to see what forces affect their use
10.4 Nominal group techniques


  • mean brainstorming with small groups and then working with larger groups to review and expand the results
10.5 Matrix diagrams


  • are talbes, spreadsheets or pivot tables that help you analyze complex relationships.
10.6 Priorization matrices


  • let you analyze multiple issues and prioritize so you can attack the important ones first.
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