Fibres & Fabrics

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Recap on different Fibres for GCSE Textiles Revision

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Fibres & Fabrics
1 Natural
1.1 Cellulose (from plants)
1.1.1 Flax Plant Linen Negatives Creases badly Poor drape Positives Feels cool is hot weather Strong - even when wet
1.1.2 Cotton Plant Cotton Positves Hard wearing Strong - even when wet Negatives Creases easily High flammability Uses Jeans, T Shirts, Soft furnishings, Bedding
1.2 Protein (from animals)
1.2.1 Silk Worm Silk Positives Good Drape Smooth Negatives Expensive Creases easily Uses Lingerie, underwear, dresses, shirts & ties
1.2.2 Sheep Wool Positives Warm Good elasticity Negatives Can shrink when washed Dries slowly Uses Suits, jumpers, coats, dresses & carpets
2 Regenerated
2.1 Natural materials (usually cellulose) that are chemically treated
2.1.1 Viscose Positives Absorbant Soft Negatives High flammability Not very hard wearing Uses Lingerie, underwear, dresses, suits, linings, soft furnishing
2.1.2 Acetate Positives Easily washable Soft Negatives High flammability not very absorbant Uses Lining in clothes, soft furnishing
3 Synthetic
3.1 Man Made from polymers
3.1.1 Polyester Positives Strong cheap Negatives Not absorbent not biodergrable Uses Sportswear, Bed sheets, curtains, cushions, padding
3.1.2 Elastane Positives extremely elastic Strong Uses Sportswear, swimwear, underwear, Combined with other fibres to add stretch Negatives Not absorbant not biodegradable
3.1.3 Polyamide Positives Crease resistant Strong Negatives Not very absorbant Damaged by sunlight Uses Sportswear, furnishings, carpets, tights & socks
3.1.4 Acrylic Positives Strong (except when wet) Soft & warm Negatives Not very absorbent Pilling Uses Fake fur, knitted clothes & furnishings
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