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A-Levels History IH Mind Map on Essay Writing, created by Julia Lee on 09/18/2013.

Julia Lee
Created by Julia Lee about 6 years ago
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Free Time
Essay Writing
1 Intro
1.1 Context
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Criteria
1.3.1 Infer degree of impact using criteria
1.3.2 Compare impacts using criteria
1.3.3 Use of criteria must be consistent
1.4 Address assumptions
1.4.1 Who is impacted
1.4.2 Areas impacted
1.4.3 Timing of impact
1.4.4 Manifestation of impact
1.5 Argument
1.5.1 Transition Counter Argument Conclusion Weigh arguments Synthesize Reiterate stand Address assumptions More on analysis Impact of action Infers significance Link to question Limitations Interaction between ARG factor and COUNTER factor Justify yardstick
1.5.2 Topic sentence Factor -> Event
1.5.3 Evidence and Elaboration
1.5.4 Analysis (tools) Time (trigger, ST, LT) People Historiography (limitations) Aspects/components of event Methods Different impact under different circumstances
1.5.5 Link
1.6 Stand/outline
2 Why, Why, Why
2.1 Truman Doctrine Development of CW
2.1.1 Political divide Split into 2 camps Defined the other party as an enemy Analysis Evidence Why? Topic sentence Why?
2.1.2 Topic sentence Why?

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