The Premature Burial by Edgar Allan Poe


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The Premature Burial by Edgar Allan Poe
  1. Cases
    1. The wife of a lawyer
      1. was in the city of Baltimore; she was suffering an inspected disease, she was supposed to be dead and had all the characteristics to be dead
        1. Her faced was contracted
          1. Her lips showed the usual marble pallor
            1. her eyes had no shine lacked heat
          2. Mademoiselle victorine Lafourcade
            1. A young woman of an illustrious family, rich and very beautiful. she had fallen in love with a poor litterateur but pride came to reject him and she ended up marrying a diplomat monsieur who on occasion was able to hit him. after spending miserable years she died.
              1. was buried, not in a crypt, but in a common grave
                1. his love went to look for her with the romantic purpose of unearthing the corpse and seizing her precious hair when he found her alive when he reached the grave
                  1. the vital pulsations had not completely disappeared and the caresses of her loved one woke her up as she had been mistaken for dead
                2. An officer of Artillery
                  1. Received a contusion after being thrown by a horse.
                    1. Declared death.
                      1. After his funeral a man declared feeling a commotion of the earth in the officer's grave.
                        1. The people took spades and the head of the man appeared.
                          1. Declared Alive in the hospital.
                            1. The galvanic battery (medical experiments) killed him.
                              1. man of gigantic stature and excellent health. he was knocked down by an indomitable horse and suffered a very serious concussion on his head
                              2. Mr. Edward Stapleton
                                1. Death of typhus fever.
                                  1. His body was taken from his grave three days after his funeral to be dissect by some practitioners.
                                    1. The practitioners made an incision on the abdomen of the man and applied a battery inside.
                                      1. The practitioners made a rough gash in the man chest.
                                        1. The man arose from the table.
                                          1. Stapleton was alive and restores to health.
                                        2. Narrator fears
                                          1. Catalepsy
                                            1. He was afraid to be buried alive
                                              1. sometimes the patient stays a single day or even more severe than exhilarated lethargy
                                            2. Caractheristics
                                              1. Patients lie for a short day or short period
                                                1. Senseless and emotionless
                                                  1. Hearts pulsation faintly perceives
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