Being a good digital citezen

Matt Walsh
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Matt Walsh
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This is my mind map of being a good digial citezen

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Being a good digital citezen
1 Social Network
1.1 Do's
1.1.1 Show your timetable to friends only
1.1.2 Keep Profile Private
1.2 Don't
1.2.1 Don't tell people were u live
1.2.2 Inlude Pesronal Infomation Telephone Number
1.2.3 Email
1.2.4 Don't add people u don't no
1.3 SNS'S
1.3.1 Facebook
1.3.2 Twitter
1.3.3 My space
1.3.4 Youtube
1.3.5 Bebo
1.3.6 skype
1.3.8 Email's
2 Cyber bullying
2.1 Dont call People names!
2.2 Save all texts and mesages for evidence!
2.3 If u see someone bullying someone tell someone
2.4 if ure getting bullied on phone change your number
2.5 Block the people who are bullying u
2.6 tell someone at the right time
2.7 Block them on chat sites
2.8 There are consequences for bullying
2.9 Report it
2.10 You could go to jail
3 Key Words
3.1 consequences
3.2 Brute force
3.3 Digital Footprint
3.4 Digital citezn
3.5 SNS
3.6 Privacy settings
3.7 Profile Based
3.8 Content Based
3.9 Profile
4 Passwords
4.1 use cApItAl LeTeRs AnD lOwEr CaSe
4.1.1 use symbols
4.2 Be clever like use '@' as a "a"
4.3 Choose somthing that is easy to remember
5 Malware
5.1 A-V-G
5.2 Mcaffe
5.3 Nortan
5.4 Trojan Horse
5.5 Anti-Virus
5.6 Email attachment
5.7 Scan free downloads
5.8 Virus
5.9 Firewall
5.10 Worm Virus
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