being a good digital citezen

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Mind Map on being a good digital citezen, created by gpawley812 on 09/19/2013.

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Created by gpawley812 about 6 years ago
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being a good digital citezen
1 social networking sites
2 sns
3 do,s
4 dont,s
4.1 do noy t text back
5 facebook
6 digital footstep
7 myspace
8 dont text back becouse otherwise they will know you are there
9 tell an adult becouse so they now what is going on
9.1 tell someone
10 pssword
10.1 dont share you password change it every month
10.1.1 use symbols ignore the messages
11 key words
11.1 group force capital letter
12 dont be mean to others
13 dont share your emails
14 dont give you phone number out
15 dont put where you live
15.1 keep you profile settings private
16 use upper and lower case letter
17 remember your password
18 malware you must use anti virus properly
18.1 virus
18.1.1 firewall trojan horse
18.1.2 AVG worm virus protection comodo