Fabric Construction

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Recap for GCSE Textiles students on Fabric Construction

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Fabric Construction
1 Woven
1.1 interlacing 2 different yarns. Weft to the left & Warp up & down
1.2 Plain Weave
1.2.1 Simplest weave
1.2.2 Unpatterned
1.2.3 Hard wearing, strong and smooth finish
1.2.4 Cheapest to produce, used to make cotton based fabrics
1.3 Twill Weave
1.3.1 Creates a diagonal pattern Over two under one
1.3.2 Stronger & drapes better
1.3.3 Used for denim fabric
1.4 Satin Weave
1.4.1 Over four under one
1.4.2 Long weft yarn is called a float Catches the light Shiny fabric such as Satin These can snag
1.4.3 Delicate fabrics
2 Non Woven
2.1 Layers of fibres held together by bonding or felting
2.1.1 Don't fray & can be cut in any direction
2.1.2 Don't stretch & aren't very strong
2.2 Bonded
2.2.1 Webs of fibres held together by glue, stitches, needle felting or heat
2.2.2 Uses: interfacing, disposable clothes
2.3 Felted
2.3.1 Felt is made by combining pressure, moisture & heat To interlock the wool fibres Used for carpet underlay, craft material & hats.
3 Knitted
3.1 Weft Knitted
3.1.1 Yarn runs across the width of the fabric
3.1.2 Stretchy but still keep shape
3.1.3 Used for tights, swimwear & fleeces
3.2 Warp Knitted
3.2.1 Yarns run up the length of the fabric
3.2.2 Stretch & lose shape easily
3.2.3 Used for jumpers, socks & T Shirts
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