Unit Test 1: (Sept 30th)


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Unit Test 1: (Sept 30th)
  1. Chemical Fundamentals
    1. Structure of An Atom
      1. Uses of Radioisotopes
        1. Valence Electrons and Formation of Ionic and Covalent Bonds
          1. Electronegativity and Polarity
            1. Water
              1. Intermolecular Properties
                1. Acid vs Base
                  1. Describe Buffers in the Human Body
                  2. Chemicals of Life
                    1. Know the Functional Groups
                      1. Macromolecules
                        1. Carbs
                          1. Lipids
                            1. Proteins
                              1. Nucleic Acid
                              2. Enzymes
                                1. Illustrate in Several Different Ways How Enzymes Function as a Biological Catalyst
                                  1. Describe the Induced-Fit Model
                                    1. Describe How Enzymes are Affected by pH
                                      1. Explain Several Ways in Which Enzymes are Regulated in the Cell (On or Off)
                                        1. Describe Two Industrial Uses of Enzymes
                                        2. Labs
                                          1. Describe All Methods to Test For Macromolecules
                                            1. Explain the Process of Developing the Standard Curve
                                              1. Describe Methods for Testing Effects of Varying Enzyme Concentration, Substrate Concentration and Temperature of the Release of Catalase (or other enzymes)
                                                1. What Would You Expect to Happen in Each of the Above Cases, Using Theoretical Knowledge of Enzyme Structure and Function? Illustrate it Graphically.
                                                2. Metabolism
                                                  1. Metabolism = Anabolism + Catabolism
                                                    1. Distinguish Between Endergonic and Exergonic Reactions Using Potential Energy Diagrams
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