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English Literature (Coriolanus, William Shakespeare) Mind Map on Coriolanus, created by asoledad96 on 09/21/2013.

Created by asoledad96 about 6 years ago
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1 Volumnia, mother
1.1 devoted to her son
1.2 delights in his military exploits
1.2.1 raised him to be a warrior
2 Virgilia, wife
2.1 Valeria, friend
2.1.1 close friends with Volumnia and Virgilia
2.1.2 gossip, fashionable and modern (for the time "la" => speech style of fashionable lady
2.2 loyal
2.3 worried for Cori.
2.4 foil to Volumnia
3 Young Martius, son
3.1 acting like father
3.1.1 all muscle, no brains
3.1.2 enjoys fighting
4 Tullus Aufidius, enemy
4.1 general of Volscians
4.2 Cori's great rival
4.2.1 not quite equal
4.3 his inability to defeat Corio rankles him
5 Brutus and Sicinius, Tribunes
5.1 Roman tribunes against Cori
5.2 elected by common people
5.3 regard Cori as danger to class they represent
5.4 work to keep him out of power
6 Menenius, friend
6.1 patrician
6.2 silver tongued, great wit
6.2.1 uses these to avoid conflict
7 Cominius, friend
7.1 patrician of Rome and former consul
7.2 general against Volscians
8 Titus Lartius, general
8.1 old Roman nobleman
8.2 appointed as general against Volscians
9 Roman general
9.1 leads army against Volscian city of Corioles
9.1.1 won and got title "Coriolanus"
10 real name: Caius Martius
11 brave, fearsome
12 honorable, overly proud, immature, inflexible, Pleb hater
12.1 contempt for lower-class
12.1.1 leads to his exile from Rome

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