Indian Ocean Tsunami

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GCSE Geography (Restless Earth) Mind Map on Indian Ocean Tsunami, created by gen lebus on 09/22/2013.

gen lebus
Created by gen lebus about 6 years ago
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Indian Ocean Tsunami
1 Effects
1.1 250,000 dead
1.2 2 million homeless
1.3 13 countries affected
1.4 Many people had to rebuild industries
1.5 cholera/dsyentery spread
1.6 Income lost from tourism and fishing
1.7 land disputes broke out, land destoyed by wave and documents destoyed in tsunami.
2 Responses
2.1 International aid sent in to provide water purification tablets, temporary accomodation, medical supplies
2.1.1 over 5m people relocated into temporary refugee camps
2.2 Bodies buried in mass graves- stop disease
2.3 Over $7b pounds donated by governments and NGOs
2.4 Homeless people moved to new homes
2.5 tsunami early warning system installed into the indian ocean with expected cost of around $20m
3 Causes
3.1 Triggered by an earthquake
3.1.1 Magnitude of 9.1
3.1.2 160km off Simeilue Island in Sumatra
3.1.3 Destructive plater margin Eurasian Plate and Indo-Australian plate Eurasian plate pinged up, displaced water.
3.1.4 240 km off coast of indonesia
4 About
4.1 December 2004
4.2 In open water it was only about 1m high
4.3 When it reached the shore it reached heights of 15m in some places.
4.4 Travelled at around 800km/h
4.5 Reached about 1km inshore in some areas
4.6 Hit Indonesia, 45 mins later hit Thailand

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