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1 Rate=k x [A]^m x [B]^n
1.1 Rate = mol dm^-3 s^-1
1.1.1 The rate of the reaction is defined as the change in conc. with unit time
1.2 k = rate constant
1.2.1 The constant of proportionality in the rate expression
1.2.2 The units depend on the orders of the reactants
1.3 [A] / [B] = concentration of reactants
1.3.1 mol dm^-3
1.4 m / n = orders of reaction with respect to the reactants (0, 1 or 2)
2 0th order
2.1 The rate is not affected by the concentration of a species
3 1st order
3.1 The rate is directly proportional to the concentration of a species
4 2nd order
4.1 The rate is proportional to the square of the concentration of a species
5 Increasing temperature always increases the rate of reaction and the value of k
6 Rate determining step
6.1 The slowest step in the reaction mechanism. It governs the rate of the overall reaction
6.2 The species in the rate equation are the reactants involved in reactions occuring before the rate determining step
6.3 If a reactant doesn't appear in the rate equation, it won't be involved in the rate-determining step
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