9.3 The Importance of Proper Management Of Development

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9.3 The Importance of Proper Management Of Development
1 The need for development and the effects of an increased population on the ecosystem.
1.1 o There is a constant need for development to improve the quality of life and meet the requirements of an increasing populations.
1.2 o As the human population grow, so do their needs for water, food, shelter (home) , transport energy and materials for their survival.
1.3 o This lead to human encroaching upon land created by nature and subsequently to activities such as deforestation, the taking of lands for agriculture, the killing of animal for food or safety and the development of towns and cities for the survival of humans.
1.4 o Most of the time, development is carried out at the sake of nature without efforts to maintain a balance in ecosystems that had been intact in many areas before human arrived.
1.5 o If efforts were not taken to control this exploitation of nature by human, and to maintain a balance of nature, there will be nothing left for future generation to benefit from.

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