Humanistic Theories

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Psychology Unit 10: Personality Mind Map on Humanistic Theories, created by Krysteen Ribeiro on 03/12/2015.

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Humanistic Theories
1 Adler!!!
1.1 Psychodynamic theorists generally believe that personality grows of resolution of unconscious conflicts and devel. crises
1.1.1 later in his life, he arrived @ very diff. view on human nature very Happy Happy Joy Joy
1.2 father of Humanistic Psych
1.2.1 Humanistic Personality Theory: emphasizes that we are positively motivated and progress toward higher level of functioning
2 Maslow
2.1 proposed we as indi. are motivated by hierarchy of needs
2.1.1 Self-Actualization: fulfilling our potential
3 Rogers
3.1 Perceived Self V Ideal Self
3.1.1 self-actualized person finds the perceived self as completely congruent w/ ideal self suggests that if our self-concept is negative, we feel dissatisfied and unhappy Unconditional Positive Reward: full acceptance and love of another regardless of our behavior Conditional Positive Reward: acceptance and love contingent on certain conditions
3.1.2 actualizing tendency: goal of every organism is to fulfill the capabilities of our genetic blueprint
4 do not dwell on the pst, rather focuses on the present
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