Cyber Security


Mind Map on Cyber Security, created by Toby STEPHENS on 05/05/2020.
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Cyber Security
  1. refers to the range of measures that can be taken to protect computer systems, networks and data from unauthorised access or cyberattack.
    1. THREAT
      1. A threat is an incident or an action which is deliberate or unintended that results in disruption, down time or data loss.
        1. Internal Threat is caused by an incident inside an organisation
          1. External Threat is caused outside the organisation
            1. Attack
              1. An attack is a deliberate action, targeting an organisation’s digital system or data.
            2. Unauthorised Access
              1. This refers to someone gaining entry without permission to an organisation’s system, software or data.
              2. Hacker
                1. A hacker is someone who seeks out and exploits these vulnerabilities
                  1. A Black hat hacker tries inflict damage by compromising security systems
                    1. A Grey hat hacker will Do it for fun and not with malicious intent
                      1. A White hat hacker is someone who is working with organizations to strengthen the security of a system
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