Teaching to ADHD Learning


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Teaching to ADHD Learning
  1. What is ADHD?
    1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
      1. ADHD is a neurological disorder
        1. The cause of ADHD is unknown
        2. How ADD Differs from ADH
          1. ADD: The disability can exist without the presence of hyperactivity
            1. The disorder ADD (attention deficit disorder) was renamed ADHD to account for the “hyperactivity” that is often one of the major symptoms found in people with the disorder
              1. ADHDis the official, medical term for the condition — regardless of whether a patient demonstrates symptoms of hyperactivity
              2. Myths About ADHD
                1. ADHD is caused by poor diet (though poor diet may worsen symptoms).
                  1. ADHD symptoms can only be treated with medicine.
                    1. ADHD is caused by too much exposure to technology.
                      1. Only boys are born with ADHD. (It is more commonly diagnosed in boys.)
                      2. Symptoms and Warning Signs
                        1. Children can exhibit ADHD symptoms at a very young age
                          1. has short attention span
                            1. doesn’t follow instructions
                              1. often speaks with false starts, repetition, and grammatical errors
                                1. speaks out inappropriately (no inner censor)
                                  1. has difficulty engaging in quiet activities
                                    1. doesn't properly assess dangers or consequences
                            2. tunes out easily if not interested in subject matter
                              1. speaks louder than peers
                                1. can't wait one's turn
                                  1. lacks empathy
                                    1. overactive
                          2. Strategies for teaching students with ADHD
                            1. Whether or not you have help with your special needs student, you will need to explore a variety of strategies to help your student cope in a classroom environment
                              1. reduce distractions
                                1. determine personal learning styles (visual, auditory, print)
                                  1. be patient while waiting for responses
                                    1. help the student and his/her classmates and parents learn about ADHD
                                      1. provide a calm environment for assessment
                                    2. ADHD and Language Learning
                                      1. ADHD is often associated with deficiencies in the frontal lobe of the brain.
                                        1. This area is responsible for language processing and memory.
                                          1. ADHD students may find it difficult
                                            1. to focus on listening in a distracting environment.
                                          2. Some Famous People with ADHD
                                            1. Galileo –scientist
                                              1. Mozart –composer
                                                1. Leonardo da Vinci –Renaissance polymath
                                                2. SONIA BELTRAN - ELEIXY JAMES - SARAH RODRIGUEZ
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