National 5 Geography: The Green Revolution in India

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National 5 Geography: Human Environments: Rural: The Green Revolution in India * UNFINISHED*

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National 5 Geography: The Green Revolution in India
  1. Advantages
    1. Crops are more resistant to disease
      1. More reliable harvests
      2. Increase in food production
        1. More people can be fed
          1. Higher yields mean lower prices
            1. Poorer people can afford more food
          2. Faster growing crops
            1. More harvests can be gathered
              1. More food
            2. Better off farmers can afford chemicals and machinery
              1. Become richer
                1. Employ more local people
              2. More jobs available in businesses supporting farming
              3. Disadvantages
                1. Not all farmers have felt the benefits
                  1. Less well off farmers could not compete
                    1. They sold their land and moved to the city
                    2. Farmers borrowed money to buy crops
                      1. They are now in debt
                      2. Machinery has replaced people, causing rural unemployment
                        1. Chemicals have polluted local water supplies
                          1. Irrigation has increased the demand on drinking water stores
                            1. Some of the new rice doesn't taste as nice
                            2. What is The Green Revolution?
                              1. Introduced in the 1960's
                                1. A method of securing food supplies for the growing population
                                  1. Reason for The Green Revolution
                                    1. Rapidly growing population to feed
                                      1. India cannot afford to import all of the food it needs
                                        1. Many people grow their own food
                                      2. Included the introduction of...
                                        1. Fertilisers and Pesticides
                                          1. Land Reform
                                            1. Irrigation Channels
                                              1. Machinery
                                                1. Tractors plough fields and harvest crops
                                                  1. Improved infrastructure
                                                  2. Aims
                                                    1. Develop new types of rice that give higher yields
                                                      1. Introduce irrigation schemes
                                                        1. Use fertilisers to help crops grow
                                                          1. Use pesticides to prevent disease
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