Internet and the World Wide Web

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Created by aaiken942 about 6 years ago
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Internet and the World Wide Web
1 Typical services provided by an ISP
1.1 An Internet Service Provider (ISP) sells internet access to companies or individuals
1.1.1 Services: Bandwidth options Email Service Web servers Website filtering Web hosting service Security package (to fight hacking/viruses etc.) Junk Email and Pop-up blocker Customer Service
2 Features of pages on the W.W.W.
2.1 Protocols/Languages
2.1.1 Webpages written using HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
2.1.2 Hypertext Transfer Protocol sends webpages across internet.
2.1.3 The Uniform Resource Locator (URL)/ Web Address usually begins with "http://" indicating the page uses HTTP
2.2 Webpages
2.2.1 Webpages can contain sound, video, animation, graphics and hypertext as well as simple text
2.2.2 Webpages are viewed using a web browser.
2.2.3 Hypertext provides the user with clickable links to other pages on the web
3 Differences between...
3.1 Internet
3.1.1 Does not contain Information
3.1.2 Provides transport links for information to pass between computers
3.1.3 Is a network of networks
3.2 W.W.W.
3.2.1 An application that runs on the internet
3.2.2 Is the largest and most used service on the internet
3.2.3 Can be described as a multimedia service
4 Hardware and Software Required for Online Access
4.1 PC/Mac
4.2 An ISP
4.3 Browser Software
4.4 A Telecommunications Line (dialup, ISDN, ADSL). The physical connection to the internet.
4.5 A device that allows the computer to communicate with the internet: a cable/ an ADSL broadband/ standard modem or an ADSL wireless router
5 Comparison between the internet and an intranet
5.1 The advantages of an Intranet
5.1.1 Information, once uploaded can be viewed by the entire organization at any time
5.1.2 Users can: communicate using email, bulletin boards and messaging facilities;share resources; find out general information about the organization
5.1.3 Can improve communications within an organization
5.2 What is an Intranet?
5.2.1 Private network website used within an organization
5.2.2 Uses the same protocol as the web, i.e. TCP/IP
5.2.3 Not accessible by the public and can be protected by a firewall

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