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1 Biography
1.1 Born in 470BCE and Died in 399BCE
1.1.1 Died by Execution Had an opportunity to Escape He Didn't Because of his Three Beliefs Flight would indicate a fear of death His life work was in Athens. Said there was a Social contract between citizen and State.
1.2 Lived in Classical Greece
1.2.1 First of the Great Three Thinkers of Classical Greece: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
1.3 Contrary to popular belief, he did not write about philosophy nor was he a philosopher
1.3.1 His contemporaries wrote about philosophy Plato Aristotle
1.3.2 He wrote about Politics and Law
2 Beliefs
2.1 Socratic Method
2.1.1 Explains Moral Concepts such as Good and Justice
2.1.2 Precursor to the Scientific Method
2.1.3 A series of questions proposed to eliminate underlying beliefs and extend knowledge
2.2 Believed there was a relationship between The State and the Citizen
2.2.1 The State had an obligation to the Citizen The State was the caretaker of the Citizens The State was formed and made by the Citizen
2.2.2 The Citizen had an obligation to upkeep the laws of the State The Citizen was not to break social contracts between The State and the Citizen The Citizen does not break laws The Citizen is not disobidient to a just government
2.3 Socratic Paradoxes
2.3.1 No one Desires Evil
2.3.2 No one errors or does wrong willingly and knowingly
2.3.3 All Virtue is Knowledge
2.3.4 All virtue is sufficient for Happiness
2.3.5 These paradoxes rose from Socrates's school of philosophy
3 Influences/Time Period
3.1 Lived During the height of the Athenian Hegemony
3.1.1 Athens was at the height of its Empire before the Pellopenesian War.
3.1.2 Socrates lived to see both its height and downfall at the hands of Sparta
3.2 Socrates was the first of his kind in Europe and there was no one to really influence him other than his surroundings
3.2.1 He was influenced by the idea of democracy Athenian Representative Democracy The Thirty Tyrants The Oligarchs of his time
3.2.2 Influenced by ideas of Justice and Morality
3.3 The Oracle at Delphi said that Socrates was the wisest man
3.3.1 Socrates challenged her. Adopted the Idea that: "I only know one thing: That I know nothing"
4 Views on Controversial Topics
4.1 Abortion
4.1.1 Socrates Believed that babies with disabilities should be aborted as they are liability
4.2 Believed in Civl Disobedience
4.2.1 Thought that it was the Citizens priority to make sure that a unjust government is not in power
4.3 Euthanasia
4.3.1 Believed that man had rights to his own body and can do what he wants. And anyone can help him commit suicide
4.4 Police Brutality
4.4.1 Believed that it was the duty of Police and military to strike down unjust governments
5 Personal Belief
5.1 I do Support most if not all of Socrates's theories. I think his notion of civil disobedience is spot on and that society must continue to understand how to combat against unjust governments.

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