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1 Socrates: What is virtue?
1.1 Meno: -the ability to rule -desire for good things -ability to attain them
1.1.1 Socrates: NO Meno: How can you ask questions about things you know nothing about? Socrates: Knowledge is recollection Brings slave boy in Hypothesis: If virtue is knowledge, it can be taught. -- no teachers Interview with Anytus Virtue cannot be taught agreement Agree that humans are divine Socrates conclusion: "Virtue comes to be present by divine apportionment on those to whom it comes." Muddiest point: "Don't you think you need to go back to the original question? Or do you think someone knows what a part of virtue is, without knowing what virtue is?" Page 11 Clearest point: "Well, I think, Socrates, that as the poet says, virtue is 'to rejoice in things beautiful and be capable of them.' And that, I claim, is virtue: desire for beautiful things and ability to attain them."
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