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1 Many reactions are reversible
1.1 Eg. alcohol + carboxylic acid <--> ester + water
2 For any reaction that reaches an equilibrium
2.1 aA + bB + cC <--> xX + yY + zZ
2.2 Kc = ([X]^x [Y]^y [Z]^z) / ([A]^a [B]^b [C]^c)
2.2.1 Kc = equilibrium constant This varies for different reactions The units change depending on the reactants
2.2.2 [X] = concentration of X units = mol dm^-3
2.2.3 x = the number of moles of substance X
2.3 Kc = [products] / [reactants]
3 Dynamic Equilibrium = the rate of the forwards reaction is equal to the reverse reaction
4 When doing calculations using the equilibrium constant expressions, make sure you divide everything by the volume of the system
4.1 The volumes may cancel
5 Endothermic reactions (positive∆H)
5.1 Decrease of temperature
5.1.1 causes Kc to decrease
5.1.2 causes the products to decrease
5.1.3 causes the reactants to increase
5.1.4 the equilibrium moves left
5.2 Increase of temperature
5.2.1 causes Kc to increase
5.2.2 causes the products to increase
5.2.3 causes the reactants to decrease
5.2.4 the equilibrium moves right
6 Exothermic reactions (negative ∆H)
6.1 Increase of temperature
6.1.1 causes Kc to decrease
6.1.2 causes the products to decrease
6.1.3 causes the reactants to increase
6.1.4 the equilibrium moves left
6.2 Decrease of temperature
6.2.1 causes Kc to increase
6.2.2 causes the products to increase
6.2.3 causes the reactants to decrease
6.2.4 the equilibrium moves right
7 Catalysts
7.1 They have no effect on the position of the equilibrium
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