The Prelude

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The Prelude
1 Author
1.1 William Wordsworth lived in the Lake District in 1770
1.2 Work inspired by past events, thoughts on nature, the mind + hope
1.3 Based on childhood memories, personal journeys + the search for understanding
2 Structure
2.1 44 lines
2.2 Blank verse shows it is serious + important
2.3 Epic like poem = ordinary event with an epic quality to emphasise effect on his life
2.4 No stanzas so continues like a story
2.5 Frequent enjambment to show conversation like story + gentle rowing of boat
3 Sound
3.1 Conversational like talking to us + use of ands give a breathless quality like child telling the story
3.2 "troubled pleasure" gives micheavous tone + its not right
3.3 "measured motion" alitteration of m is menacing like mountain is in control
3.4 "the water like a swan" similie of grace and elegance
4 About
4.1 Prelude = an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important
4.2 Whole poem is about poets spiritual growth + coming to terms with who he is
4.3 Extract describes how poet went out on a boat at night alone + a mountain peak loomed over him; its presence has a great effect + days after troubled by the experience
5 Imagery
5.1 "led by her" personification of nature or boat whose influence is compelling
5.2 "nothing but the stars and grey sky" makes him seen small + alone as the beauty is threatening
5.3 "like a living thing" similie - imagination plays tricks especially on impressionable child
6 Themes
6.1 Once an event happens, it isn't over as it can stay + haunt you
6.2 Nature: humanity is part of nature + can be made to feel small + insignificant by natural world
6.3 Loneliness: poet often alone as he can think more clearly + is more affected by events + places
6.4 The night: sometimes experience feelings + events clearer at night maybe due to loneliness
7 Comparison
7.1 Spellbound, Below the Green Corrie, Wind + Storm in the Black Forest
7.1.1 All agree nature is dominant over humanity
7.1.2 All human characters feel under threat at some point
7.1.3 Isolation
7.1.4 Natures beauty
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