The Prelude

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The Prelude
1 "(led by her) I found A little boat tied to a willow tree"
1.1 Brackets instantly establishes the idea of secrecy since he is presented as almost fearful of nature's power.
1.1.1 Personification to portray nature as 'Mother Nature' as a female pronoun is used. Links to his child-like behaviour and impulses - confides in her as a mother figure.
1.2 May refer to his naivety as he is 'tied' to his ideas of nature as he only sees it as beautiful.
1.2.1 The feminine imagery used throughout the poem enforces his deception of his view of his surroundings.
1.3 He may be freeing himself from his narrow minded constraints to acknowledge nature as he experiences a spiritual journey.
2 "glittering idly in the moon,"
2.1 EUPHONIC language
2.1.1 Pleasant undertones - reinforces the serenity of nature/ natural beauty,
2.1.2 Relates to the beauty of a symphony (strength of art). 'Prelude' is a title of a musical symphony - outlasts the power of man, as does nature.
2.1.3 False sens of security as later contrasted.
3 "homeward went, in grave And serious mood;"
3.1 Double meaning of 'grave'...
3.1.1 Could represent severity.
3.1.2 Convention of death.
3.1.3 Establishes a dark atmosphere that causes an oppressive tone.
3.2 Expressing internal emotion as he is now feeling intense fear and need for reflect on his discoveries.
3.2.1 Juxtaposing opinion to the exposition of the poem.
4 "There hung a darkness, call it solitude Or blank desertion."
4.1 Pathetic fallacy
4.1.1 Conflict of the mind - sudden feeling of confusion. Nature has changed his mind and so feels overwhelmingly conflicted,
4.1.2 Verb 'hung' connotes of the lingering sensation as he has now lost control of his thoughts; his mind is now clouded and is unable to differantiate. Power of man is TRANSIENT.
5 "horizon's bound, a huge peak, black and huge,"
5.1 CACHOPHONIC language
5.1.1 Harsher sounds which occurs near the VOLTA as the tone becomes sinister.
5.1.2 Realisation of nature being ever changing - transition from idealisation.
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