Classification of Matter

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Classification of Matter
1 Pure Substances
1.1 Elements
1.1.1 Examples: 1.)H2O [water] 2.)Na Cl [salt] 3.)02 [2 oxygen]
1.2 Compounds
1.2.1 Example: 1.)He [helium] 2.)K [potassium] 3.)C [carbon]
2 Mixtures
2.1 Suspension
2.1.1 Examples: 1.)Sandy Water 2.)Orange Juice 3.)Soil and Water Mix
2.2 Solution
2.2.1 Examples: 1.)Dissolved Salty Water 2.)Kool Aid 3.)Wind Shield Cleaner
2.3 Colloid
2.3.1 Examples: 1.)Store-Bought Milk 2.)Whipped Cream 3.)Fog

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