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  • living thing non living thing
1 living thing
1.1 human
1.1.1 animal plant fresh air habitat
1.1.2 fresh air carbon dioxide healthy
1.2 non living thing
1.2.1 stone house sand
2 mother earth
2.1 protect the enviorment
2.1.1 recycle by not smoking trowing rubbish
2.1.2 responsibilty to make clean tidy beautiful
3 ecology
3.1 same as ecosysthem
3.2 relationship
3.2.1 example sun plant animal human give out carbon dioxide give human oxygen
4 animal
4.1 food chain
4.1.1 food web Reproduction in animal
4.1.2 leaf caterpilar butterfly
4.1.3 that means catterpillar eat leaf , butterfly eat catterpillar
5 plant
5.1 stigma
5.1.1 ovary ovum pollen grain
6 place
6.1 mountain
6.1.1 dessert rainforest ocean tree hot cammel captain
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