In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media?


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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media?
  1. Oculus
    1. We first analysed Oculus as research into similar products. From the beginning scene there were many factors that got the audience’s attention. One factor that enrolled the audience was it starting from an action scene then explains how it happens after. This interests the audience as it cuts right into the action and skips the introduction which is normal boring and puts the audience off. We incorporated this into our film and started from a creepy part then went to earlier of the day in a nonlinear narrative.
    2. We knew that our media film would need to be contain conventions of other popular media productions to do well. Our research at the beginning of the Main Task has helped us to decide how to create our film and what type of things we would need to incorporate into our film.
      1. Credits
        1. opening starts
          1. in my film i used credits as it gives recognition to the people who worked in the film also it is a legal obligation
        2. Exposition
          1. introduces characters and narrative to create engagement
            1. in my film i showed one of my main characters first to interest the audience into carrying on watching
          2. music
            1. mood
              1. in my film I used music to create tension and keep the audience on their toes
            2. title
              1. hints towards plot
                1. in my film I chose the name New Beginning as this hints that the character has started again in a new place making you wonder why he moved and what is going to happen
            3. Insidious
              1. We also looked at the opening of Insidious. We took inspiration from this opening with the creepy tense music. The film uses music to create a typical horror atmosphere which we tried to mimic in our media product. The use of music tells you straight away what type of film it is and enhances the emotional impact of scenes.
              2. I am legend
                1. I am legend is another film opening we looked up. In particular we thought the close up of mise-en-scene: the car tire, was especially effective. Therefore we mimicked it with the close-up of the characters phone to give emphasis to the phone, specifically the text she receives from an unknown contact.
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