Anyalsis Obstacles

Zoe McGhee
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Problems we've faced anyalising media texts

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Anyalsis Obstacles
  1. Music Videos
    1. What was difficult with this?
      1. Noticing the mise-e-scene features
        1. Making the anyalisis fit the narrative
          1. Linking the video to theorist
            1. Noticing camera angles
              1. How to format it (final cut, prezi ect)
              2. How where these obstacles overcame?
                1. Researching music videos
                  1. Producing a blogpost on the theorist
                    1. Using new creative programmes such as final cut to produce a video
                    2. Is there anything I would do different next time?
                      1. Find more information to include different themes
                        1. More of a range of points
                          1. Try different formats of presenting it
                        2. Lyrics
                          1. What was difficult with this?
                            1. Picking out specific words that connote and are related to the theme of the song
                              1. Making sure there was no repeatation
                                1. Linking points back to the specific topic
                                  1. Not going off topic
                                2. How where these obstacles overcame?
                                  1. Using a thesaurus was helpful
                                    1. Staying focused
                                      1. Re-watching and listening to the song
                                        1. Picking a key theme on which to focus on
                                        2. Is there anything I would do differently next time?
                                          1. More of a range of songs
                                            1. Less repetition
                                              1. Explore different formats
                                                1. Go deeper into metaphorical meaning
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