Dongtan - Ecocity

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Dongtan - Ecocity
1 Background Info
1.1 Dongtan to be the world's first ecopolis
1.2 80,000 will live in a car free, carbon-nutral, zero emission, recycling city
1.2.1 Ecological footprint 1/3 of that emitted by people 45km north of Shanghai by 2020
1.3 Biggest single building project in the world
1.3.1 In a country seen as the biggest risk to the plant's green future
1.4 Dongtan is on Chongming Island
1.5 At present mainly paddy fields, corn fields, crab ponds and a designated RAMSAR wetland with a rich wildlife
1.6 Building started in summer 2006, by 2010 it will be three quarters of the size of Manhattan with 50,000 population
2 What is so special about Dongtan
2.1 Differs markedly from China's track record of urbanisation involving:
2.1.1 Pollution
2.1.2 Traffic congestion
2.1.3 Often social unrest
2.2 Politically significant
2.3 Wetlands
2.3.1 instead of being drained and built on, will be a focus
2.3.2 Canals, lakes and marinas will run through the city with solar powered water taxis
2.4 Housing
2.4.1 Rather than just luxury flats for the new rich,will include low-cost 'affordable' apartments
2.5 Pedestrian villages
2.5.1 Each with its own district character Marina Lake Pond
2.6 The city will then continue to grow as a collection of towns
2.6.1 connected by: cycle routes Public transport corridors Footpaths Aim: nobody will have to walk more than 7 minutes from any part of the city to reach a bus or tram stop
2.7 Developers have to prove they are using sustainable materials
2.8 Waste will be treated
2.8.1 No landfill aloud
2.8.2 Sewage will be processed for irrigation and composting
2.9 Only clean fuel vehicles
2.9.1 hydrogen cars
2.9.2 Visitors park outside city
2.10 Renewable energy has priority
2.11 Source food locally
2.12 Grey water recycled
2.13 Buildings for mixed use
3 Fears for Dongtan's Success
3.1 Vitality and sustainability of an ecosystem depends on its self-regulation ability
3.2 Water resources
3.3 Is tourism sustainable?
3.4 Fear it will become a Ghetto for the 'middle class'
3.5 Salt water marshes, tidal creeks and intertidal mudflats will face great pressure from growth of city
3.6 Initial phase will cost around £1.5 billion
3.6.1 Figures are expected to rise into double-fidget billions
4 Is it a completely new idea?
4.1 Bedzed
4.2 Chinas rural eco-settlements
4.3 Planed development of Sociopolis Valemcia
4.4 Shanty towns
4.4.1 efficient use of power
4.4.2 recycling
4.4.3 Private agriculture
4.4.4 Pedestrianisation
4.5 Green buildings
4.5.1 Melbourne city council
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