The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

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Created by jessmckervey9949 about 6 years ago
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
1 Main Ideas/Themes
1.1 Trust
1.2 Autism
1.3 Determination
1.4 Order and Logic
2 Main Characters
2.1 Christopher Boone
2.1.1 the narrator/main character
2.1.2 he has Asperger's Syndrome
2.2 Judy Boone
2.2.1 Christopher's Mother
2.2.2 she left her husband and son because she felt she was unable to take care of Christopher
2.3 Ed Boone
2.3.1 Christopher's Father
2.3.2 Christopher's main caretaker
2.3.3 he killed Wellington and told Christopher his mother died
3 Setting
3.1 Swindon
3.1.1 his father's house
3.1.2 the school
3.1.3 his neighborhood
3.2 London
3.2.1 his mother's house
4 Plot
4.1 beginning
4.1.1 Christopher wants to find out who killed his neighbors dog named Wellington
4.2 middle
4.2.1 he finds out his father killed the dog and that his mother is still alive so he goes to live with his mother in London because he feels unsafe with his father
4.3 end
4.3.1 they eventually move back to Swindon and he gets regular visits from his father

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