The Wild Swans at Coole

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The Wild Swans at Coole
1 Author
1.1 W.B Yeats born in Dublin and liked to promote Ireland
1.2 Wrote in traditional poetic forms
2 Structue
2.1 Regular form - 5, 6 line stanzas
2.2 Stress - empthasis that falls on lines or words
2.2.1 1st and 3rd lines have 4 stresses and 2nd 3rd and 6th lines have 3 stresses and the 5th line has 5 stresses
2.3 Rhyme scheme in each stanza is abcbdd
3 Sound
3.1 Repitition creates regular and simple sound helped by use of full rhyme
3.2 Short linens slow us down and create an air of calm
3.3 "sky" "stones" "swans" soft sibilance to create an air of peace and tranquil image
3.4 "bell-beat" swans noise and church bells passing time
4 Imagery
4.1 Beautiful description of swans "beautiful creatures" unlike himself
4.2 No complex language with a simple theme show an everyday image
4.3 Lake is central to the setting with repitition of "water" to reflect scene
4.4 "autum beauty""the nineteenth autumn""alls changed" time passing
4.5 "scatter" contrast to earlier stillness
4.6 "trod with a lighter tred" hopeful before but not now
5 Themes
5.1 Time
5.1.1 Whatever the circumstances humanity cant conquer time which saddens Yeats
5.2 Change
5.2.1 Change is inevitable and maybe for the worst. Yeats shows swans as unchanging unlike himself
5.3 Relationships
5.3.1 Change in Yeats' relationship which the swans contrast "unwearied still, lover by lover"
6 Comparison
6.1 Cold Knap Lake
6.1.1 Centred around memories
6.1.2 Lake as setting and metaphor for memory
6.1.3 Swans used as a symbol
6.1.4 Search for truth/knowledge
7 About
7.1 Yeats spent summers at Coole Park and enjoyed taking walks around the grounds
7.2 Poet narrator has come to the end of another summer at Coole
7.3 It is now Autumn an he reflects on how quick time passes and how helpless we are to change the past
7.4 The swans are unchanged over time and the passing time makes him see changes in himself which upset him
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