Study timetables importance

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Study timetables importance
1 A study timetable is a handy, inexpensive tool that can help you get control over your study time.
2 How to Make a Study Timetable?
2.1 1. Make a list of your responsibilities. You need to think about and write down all of your responsibilities
2.1.1 Your classes
2.1.2 Your job
2.1.3 Your chores
2.1.4 sports and exercise,
2.2 2. Collect all class/assignment information. This will probably mean getting all of your syllabus together and any assignment sheets for papers or projects
2.3 3. Consider optimal times of day for studying. Spend some time thinking about when you do—or would do—your best studying.
2.4 4. Decide on a format. You can make your timetable on a piece of paper or in digital format, such as a spreadsheet or an app on your phone.
2.4.1 Microsoft Excel
2.4.2 Exam Time and Goconqr
2.5 5. Draw the grid. Any timetable should be a chart consisting of the variables “date” and “time,” with days of the week along the top and times down the side.
3 Filll in Your Timetable
3.1 1. Choose a single or custom timetable. You can make a single timetable that will stay the same each week.
3.2 2.- Block your study times. Aim for blocks of study time that are fairly long, such as 2–4 hours at a time.
3.3 3. Schedule time for breaks. Break are essential to your success
3.3.1 You're not a robot, so you can't work non-stop for hours on end. (:
3.4 4. Be as specific as possible.
3.5 5. Make your timetable look nice. Color coding classes and responsibilities will help make your timetable easier to use and easier on the eyes.
4 Revise it. See what works and what doesn't. If something isn't working, fix it.
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