Plants and photosynthesis

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Unit on how plants make food from photosynthesis and how their respiration benefits us in a way.

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Plants and photosynthesis
1 Leaves
1.1 They make food for a plant. This process is called photosynthesis because plants use light energy from the Sun to make food.
1.2 A plant's structure allows it to carry photosynthesis efficiently. Its leaves are large and flat at at right angles to the directon of sunlight.
1.3 Leaves are arranged so that they do not overlap and shade each other. In shady areas, plants grow more leaves to capture the same ammount of light.
1.4 A leaf is a organ made of several different kinds of cells. The leaf has a factory for making food. The top layer, the epidermis, is transparent. It has a waxy waterproof layer over it that stops the leaf from drying out. Light passes through the the epidermis to the next layer of cells called the palisade layer. Inside the leaf most cells are green. They contain green chloroplasts where food is made from light.
1.5 Palisade cells are specialised for photosynthesis. They are provided with water by the veins in a leaf. Below the palisade layer is a layer of cells called the spongy mesophyll. In this layer the air spaces act as reservoirs for the gases that palisade cells need. There is another layer of epidermis on the lower surface of the leaf. This also waterproof. Gases such as carbon dioxide enter and leave a leaf through tiny pores called stomata. Guard cells by each stoma shut the stomata at night.
2 Photosynthesis
3 Biomass
4 Roots
5 Why are plants important?
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