Poetry Techniques

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Poetry Techniques
1 Alliteration: Multiple words together starting with the same sound
2 Assonance: Repetition of a vowel sound to achieve a particular effect
3 Ballad: a song written as a narrative poem telling a story through monologue
4 Rhyming couplet: words at the end of 2 lines together rhyming
5 Diction: the choice of words and language
6 Elegy: a slow thoughtful poem written for someone who died
7 End-Stopped lines: where there is a stop or pause at the end of a line
8 Enjambment: Lines that have no ending punctuation
9 Form: how the poem is structured
10 Free verse: written without verse structures and often un-rhyming
11 Hyperbole: a figure of speech used to exaggerate and emphasise
12 Imagery: words used to paint a picture in your mind
13 Metaphor: where one thing is said to be something else
14 Onomatopoeia: words used to imitate sounds
15 Personification: where an inanimate object is give human features
16 PUN: play on words
17 Refrain: a recurring line or phrase particularly at the end of a stanza
18 Repetition: where things are repeated
19 Rhythm: movement of syllables
20 Quatrain: 4 line stanza
21 Simile: a comparison using like or as
22 Sonnet: 14 line stanza using an iambic meter
23 Stanza: group of lines to make a verse
24 Symbol: use of something to represent something else
25 Theme: the subject of the poem
26 Tone: the feeling and mood
27 Triplet: 3 line stanza
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