Jekyll and Hyde- Setting

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Jekyll and Hyde- Setting
1 London
1.1 'By-Street'
1.1.1 Small; intimacy; claustraphobic
1.2 'Like Rows of smiling saleswoman'
1.2.1 simile
1.2.2 Fake/ Facade
1.2.3 Repression
1.2.4 'Veiled'
1.3 'Dingy'
1.4 'Well Polished Brasses' 'Freshly painted shutters'
1.4.1 Even buildings keep up appearences
1.4.2 Reflects socitey Attractive front to conceal sins
1.5 'No window'
1.5.1 Keeping people out
1.5.2 Can't see whats wrong Refusal to aknowledge what goes on Victorian society 'Blind Forehead'
1.6 'Blistered and distained'
1.7 'Door'
1.7.1 Seperation of private and public life
1.8 'As empty as a Church' (Street)
1.8.1 Darwinism/ societal change
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