Living the Christian Life - 10.4

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Living the Christian Life - 10.4
1 vocation
1.1 a calling from god to lead the christian discipleship
1.2 importance
1.2.1 it shows all christians are called to live a life of discipleship, just as apostles were
1.2.2 it shows that all christians must do what god calls them to do is they want to achieve salvation.
1.2.3 it is gods will
1.2.4 by following vocation christians are bringing more people to god by their example
1.2.5 by following vocation a christian will lead a holy life and work towards salvation
1.3 how christians show it in daily life
1.3.1 by choosing a caring profession e.g. doctor they can show love for others and god
1.3.2 by marrying and bringing up children in a christian family. meaning parents act as disciple teaching the faith
1.3.3 by showing christian love of neighbour in the way they treat others
1.3.4 by being honest and fair at work.
1.4 why christians show vocation in their daily lives
1.4.1 vocation is about the whole of life and christians need to serve god in all they do
1.4.2 christians believe that jesus' final command to his disciples to go and 'baptise all nations' meant they should show their faith in all their actions and in what they say to others
1.4.3 christian vocation is the call to love god and love one's neighbour in the whole of ice as jesus commanded his disciples in the greatest commandment
1.4.4 christian vocation cannot be restricted to church or sundays. they call to be a christian must involve everything a christian does
1.5 how some christians show vocation by taking holy orders
1.5.1 by taking holy orders christian men copy the work of the apostles by giving up everything to follow jesus
1.5.2 when men take holy orders they promise to serve just as jesus served people
1.5.3 by taking holy orders men witness their faith to other people and show gods love to those who suffer
1.5.4 by taking holy orders men try to build the kingdom of god by running parish communities
1.6 why some christians show vocation by taking holy orders
1.6.1 because they have a special calling from god to devote their lives to him
1.6.2 it is difficult to ignore. if they try to ignore gods call,it is often very persistent so they have to accept it
1.6.3 they want to celebrate god in the church by celebrating the sacraments that gave spiritual food and strength to people
2 christians working for social and community cohesion
2.1 how
2.1.1 having friends from different faiths and ethnic groups, supporting community cohesion and opposing any racist or religious discrimination they meet
2.1.2 the Catholic Education Service (CES) works for social and community cohesion by making sure catholic schools are open to all ethnic groups and teach about non-christian faiths
2.1.3 churches promote community cohesion by bringing different ethnic groups together and setting up the Churches Racial Justice network
2.2 why
2.2.1 in the parable of the good samaritan, jesus taught christians to love their neighbours of all races
2.2.2 st peter was given a vision by god showing him that god accepts the worship of anyone who does right whatever their race.
2.2.3 st paul taught that all humans come from Adam,all ethnic groups are equal to each other.
2.2.4 the catechism teaches that it is the duty of catholics to work for community cohesion
3 using the 10 commandments as a guide for living
3.1 how
3.1.1 through their prayers and worship, christians show that they are following the first three commandments
3.1.2 many Christians don't swear, particularly not using gods name
3.1.3 Catholics use the command to honour the Sabbath day as a reason for attending mass every Sunday
3.1.4 Christians use: don't steal, don't kill, don't commit adultery,dont lie, don't desire other peoples things to help them make moral decisions
3.2 why
3.2.1 the 10 commandments are a precise list of rules from god on how Christians should behave
3.2.2 if Christians follow the 10 commandments they will be worshipping the one god of the Apostles creed
3.2.3 following the last seven commandments will give Christians a good relationship with their neighbours
4 The Sermon on the mount
4.1 using it for the re-interpretation of the law of Moses as a guide for living
4.1.1 how Christians can be guided against anger by Jesus' teaching that to be angry with someone can lead to murder. therefore you must seek forgiveness and reconciliation married Christians may be guided by Jesus' teaching that lustful thoughts about someone other than your marriage partner are as bad as committing adultery they may also be guided by his teaching that although the law of Moses allows divorce if you re-marry after divorce you are committing adultery many Christians use Jesus' teachings about an eye for an eye to become pacifists
4.1.2 why this is the teaching of jesus and has a lot more detail than the 10 commandments the sermon on the mount shows that the old Jewish ways have been fulfilled by the new law of Jesus the sermon on the mount explains that the thoughts and feelings that people have are as important as their actions if Jesus thought his disciples needed this teaching, it must also be needed by Christians today
4.2 using the teachings as a guide for living
4.2.1 how guide for how to worship. guide for how to behave when they are fasting or giving to charity (not display what they're doing) guide for their prayer life. used teachings to avoid being a hypocrite
4.2.2 why not making a display of religion is the teaching of Jesus it explains how christians should show love of god rather than public praise it explains how displaying religion will receive no reward from god because it is done for public praise rather than out of love of god it gives good guidance on prayer - the 'our father' unites all christian denominations
4.3 using the teachings on christians and money as a guide for living
4.3.1 why jesus, as gods son, is the best person to show christians the relationship between money and god the teachings show christians that possessions and money do not last forever, but by concentrating on the eternal god rather than money, christians can gain eternal life they are a useful guide to show christians that using money to love god and their neighbour is the way to eternal life
4.3.2 how a guide about the relationship between their attitude to money and their relationship with god. they learn that it is more important to gain spiritually than financially they find out what they should do with money they find out that they shouldn't make money their god
4.4 using the teachings on judgement and the golden rule as a guide for living
4.4.1 why jesus as gods son, is the best person to show christians when to judge the catechism says that the golden rule helps christians to work out how to behave in difficult situations
4.4.2 how Jesus taught that if people judge someone, they must except to be judged in the same way they are used to concentrate trying to improve themselves rather than picking on the things that other people do wrong golden rule = "treat other people as you would like to be treated"
5 relieving poverty and suffering in the UK
5.1 how
5.1.1 the St Vincent de Paul Society many parishes have SVP groups which relieve poverty and suffering regular visits and personal care by the same people to help families with difficulties ect. organising holiday schemes for children from poor or broken homes organising furniture stores which can be used when housing the homeless organising housing associations to provide affordable housing for the homeless providing drop-in centres for lonely people to have an opportunity to socialise
5.2 why
5.2.1 jesus said riches must be used for the help of others especially the poor
5.2.2 christianity teaches that all humans are equal
5.2.3 in the parable of the sheep and the goat people are sent to heaven because they fed the hungry, thirsty, clothed the naked and visited those in prison
5.2.4 helping to relieve poverty is a way of loving your neighbour
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