Henry VII Rebellions, political power and control

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AQA AS history HIS1B..........threats to Henry VII dynasty(Tudor Britain 1483-1529)

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1486 - Surviving Yorkists of 1485, posed new threat. - Lovell Rebellion, Easter 1486 Viscount Lovell and Stafford bros came out out hiding to cause unrest. -----> Humphrey Stafford executed, Thomas spared, Lovell fled to Flanders. RESULT:Rules of sanctuary altered and showed Henry's power.
1486-87 Lambert Simnel, Yorkist's needed a figure head and trained imposter. ----->Teamed up with Lovell, Margaret of Burgundy (2,000 German troop) and Earl of Lincoln, raised support in Ireland from Earl of Kildare. -----> Rebel army landed 4th of June leading to Battle of East Stoke 16 June 1487 and defeated. RESULTS: ----> Increased usage of Bond and Attainders to control nobility without raising anger -----> displayed firm but merciful kinship ----->cost of campaign was realised ----->Henry wanted to increase revenue.
1489 The Yorkshire Rebellion, caused by subsidy raised to fund the war defending Brittany. ----> Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland was the collector ---->Yorkshire+Northumberland men angry as they had already paid taxes and rebelled April ----> Northumberland was murdered and Henry sent out army to re- establish royal control led by Earl of Surrey. --->The leader of rebellion John Chambre was hanged for treason. RESULT: ---->Henry did not attempt to raise taxes here again ----> rebels asked for pardon not granted showed firm hand, ----> found another rebel leader Sir John Egremont who flead.
1491-1499 Perkin Warbeck, most persistent threat(impostor for 8 yrs) claimed to be Richard, Duke of York brother of Edward V. ---->Fled Ireland to France, but caught out by Treaty of Etaples and went to Brittany, sheltered by Margaret of Burgundy, who trained him to be a Yorkist prince. ----> He gained support of Maximilian HRE(holy roman emperor), James IV of Scotland and Irish Earl of Kildare. ---->Troops not organized and crushed by Sir Giles Daubeney. CONTINUED ON NEXT SLIDE
1491-1499 Warbeck and co fled to sanctuary at Southampton, but gave himself up. ---->Henry allowed him to live with his wife at court, but he planned to escape again in 1498 put in tower where he planned with Earl of Warwick to escape AGAIN, in 1499 both were executed.
1497 The Cornish Rebellion, caused by raising taxes for Scotland war, but was often collected with corruption ----> Cornish were mostly poor and couldn't afford to pay, parliament's attempt to protect the poor didn't apply in Cornwall ----> The rebels were lead by lawyer Thomas Flamanck and blacksmith Michael Joseph along with 6,000 ill equipped peasants ---->Warbeck tried to latch on but as the rebellion marched to London it lost support but saved by Lord Audley and the rebels reached Blackheath outside London before being suppressed, many were killed. RESULT: ---->Henry learned to avoid costly wars and negotiate with James IV ---->reinforced his cautious and wary nature