Ecology Keywords

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Ecology Keywords KS3

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Ecology Keywords
1 Habitat
1.1 A place where an organism lives e.g. pond, tree, soil, meadow etc.
2 Environmental conditions
2.1 The conditions in which an organism lives e.g. dry, humid, damp, light etc.
3 Population
3.1 The number of a particular species living in a particular habitat at the particular time
4 Competition
4.1 The relationship between different organisms requiring the same resources
5 Adaptations
5.1 The features unique to the organism that allow it to survive within its habitat
6 Community
6.1 A number of different species living within the same place at the same time.
7 Predator
7.1 An animal that eats other animals
8 Prey
8.1 An animal that gets eaten
9 Nocturnal
9.1 Organisms that are active at night
10 Seasons
10.1 Periods within the year with different weather patterns
11 Climatic stress
11.1 Conditions in the environment that affect an organisms survival
12 Migrate
12.1 When organisms move to the other habitats to find better conditions
13 Hibernation
13.1 When organisms reduce their activity during winter
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