A raisin in the Sun

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A raisin in the Sun
1 Ruth
1.1 Walter´s wife and Travis´mother. Ruth is a comprehensive and caring woman. She loves her family and wants the best for them. However, she got a dilemma, because she got pregnant and they had no money to raise the child, she was going to abort; however, she understood that the baby´s life was worthy, so she didn´t lose the baby
2 Walter
2.1 Mama’s only son, Ruth’s husband, Travis’s father, and Beneatha’s brother. He is a little bit impulsive, His dream is to open a liquor store with Mama´s money in order to live better with his family. He works as a driver
3 Mama
3.1 Mama is the head of the house, she is comprehensive and good caring of her family. She´s Walter and Beneatha´s mom. She wants to buy a house in a better zone, so that her family could live in better conditions. However, she has problems with her family. She likes gardening. She sees hope.
4 Beneatha
4.1 Walter´s sister and Mama´s daughter. She wants to become a doctor, she´s kind of ambitious. She wants to find her identity, and dated Joseph and George. She is an independent woman. At first, she did not get alone pretty well with Walter, questioning his manhood and blaming him for spending money in dumb things. Eventually, she realizes his strength and responsibility
5 Travis
5.1 Ruth´s and Walter´s son, he is just a kid. He sleeps in the leaving room, and he is a normal kid, he goes to school and he likes learning new things. He is an innocent child an only sees the situation, but he can´t help too much.
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